Team FRESH Youth

Team FRESH Youth

Friday, December 23, 2011


these 3 weeks we learn abt advertising. i was like wow!!!!!! i cant believe people go around cities to get style and take pictures of people on the street. there is different types of advertising such as sexual, comedy, drinking and smoking, etc.

lisette loza

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mo Project

-This past weeks in Our PHA class we have been doing learning about all type of ways that companies incoopperate there products into our TV shows or just mainly what we watch. They study everything they do before they do it because they want teens to like what there trying to sell. Theirs many shows that have incoopperated companies products like MTV etc... Also we learned about how much our enviroment affects our living style and eating ways. Like in mostly all communities there is more liqour stores around then there is any healthy food markets. Like where i live there is 3 liqour stores around and only 1 food market.
-Odalys Nunez

Team FRESH Youth: The Merchants of Cool

Over the past few weeks, me and my peers have been learning about the MO Project. What I have learned is that your environment can really affect your life. I learned that groceries stores, liquor stores, gas stations, restaurants, and parks can affect your health and your life span. I’ve noticed that Oakland has a lot of neighborhoods where there is way more liquor stores than grocery stores that provide Fresh produce. Also, I have learned that the more gas stations there are, the more chances of asthma attacks. In conclusion, this is some of the many things that the MO project has showed me.

-Erik Campos

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Importance of exercise

During the Mo project I learned the importance of exercising. And we made a poem to inform youths about the benefits of exercise. My poem start like this:

Exercise is important to you and me
sleep better, eat better and live better
Don't ever say it's too hard
too boring
or too much time
Because you know exercise is good for you

Friday, December 16, 2011


everybody need's to exercise
if you want to be strong
and if you want to bench 250 lbs

and everybody need's to exercise
because it will pay off
and you need to do it if you
want to be big and strong

-Jose Lopez

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Merchants of Cool

What i learned from the movie ''The Merchants of Cool'' is that commercials are affecting teens nowadays. What i mean by affecting is that they have negative impacts on teens. Everyone has a celebrity that they admire. Everyone wants to involve into '' Cool '' category. However, how does teens get affected? The answer has to be commercials. Research shows that about 70% of teens own a television in their room. That means that every teens watch commercials on their television When they see their favorite celebrity on television promoting a product or dressing for a brand, they get influenced. Commercials have slogans that get teens involved into their products. The commercial company even pay billions of money to study research about teens. ( i.e what they like, who's their favorite celebrity, what's the hottest trend.) Everything they are doing is giving huge impacts on teens and is mostly on the negative side. In my opinion, commercials should focus more on what teens really need not just influencing the teens with their negativity.

Monday, December 12, 2011

what i learned this week from using mo is that bad advertisement are being used to sell things to kids. i also found that reality television is being used to sponsor clothing, so that teenagers would think that it is cool to buy the things they are wearing but it is really not. i also found out that a lot of people watch the super bowl for the add that they show.and it cost $1million dollars to air something for 30secs. and also that i found out from mo is that investigators go around asking cool kids what they like to wear so they can sell it also. so this is all the things that i learned by using mo.

-Jose Lopez

Sunday, December 11, 2011


what I learned from the movie "The Merchants of Cool" is that this movie showed me were the ideas of all the Tv shows were made. They examine teens , they ask them many type of questions they examine were they live etc ... all the basic stuff teens do. Then they turn them into tv shows , the reason why they examine this teens is so people can be interested in their channel and they can have more viewers . They discover what "cool " is too teens and then they move on to the next cool things. But what I bet most of the people dont knoe is that all tv shows are commercials. Clothes that actors use are what they are trying to sell to theire viewers .

-jarency huizar

Comment about "The Merchant of Cool"

In the video of the "The Merchant of Cool" I learned that media fashions are very attractive to teens. Teens follow whatever is on the show,they spend money on the things that they don't need. Nowadays, teens are running the economy. They get money from their parents because their parents don't have time to spend with them. With all the extra money that the teens own, they can spend on everything that they like. This give the merchants ideas by promoting more commercials on TV Channels. They find celebrities to represent their products, telling teens that buy it, try it; this XX celebrity is using it. And teens that want to stay cool have to change right away. The faster the trends spread, the faster people focus on that specific products, the more moneys media companies receive.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MO project knowlege

This marking period my class work on a project called MO project.I learned a lot of new information that I didn't know before. For example: 2 weeks ago we went to explore different restaurants (fast-food) around our school(Oakland high). We all went to our separate way. My group and I went to a Jamaican store and AM/PM gas station. On our little walk we saw so many cigarette buds on the floor. The sidewalks were and still are fill with trash. People always litter. We took pictures and ask questions to the employees. They answered honestly. But we noticed the food was unhealthy, the AM/PM has nothing but high trans fats food. They don't even have an inspected sing on the wall. Now that I'm educated more on this subject I always look at the label. hope you guys do the same!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisette Loza
(PHA) Public Health Academy