Team FRESH Youth

Team FRESH Youth

Saturday, November 19, 2011

MO's Community Mapping Project

During the MO's community mapping project, me and my group found out both healthy and unhealthy places around the Lakeshore, Oakland. We started from Oakland High, walked all the way to Lakeshore, Subway. During the walk, me and my group saw bunch of litters around the street, or in the walkway. When we made it to Subway, we saw that Subway was in between a shopping district, where there has Starbucks, cafes, restaurants, and markets. We walked around those areas, we investigated that there were some healthy places for the students to have lunch. For example, like Lakeshore Produce, selling all the fresh fruits and vegetables. We walked in and interviewed the owner, but the owner didn't give us much information. Unhealthy place was the liquor store, selling wines, beers, cigarettes.Our station Subway is selling healthy, and real meat sandwiches. Inside Subway, the environment were peaceful with music playing, and warm air. The floor, chairs, tables, cabinets, and drinking machines are very clean. The workers are very friendly to the costumers. Outside Subway, the environment was cold and cars passing by. Subway would be healthy and great place for Oakland High students to have a lunch outside campus. Only 15 minutes walking from Oakland High to Subway, 5 minutes for buses.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mo project

********MO PROJECT*******

The M.O Project, if there is one thing I'm positive about is definitely about moving around ,and getting around to spread the word. The MO. Project is like a campaigning system, you talk and support about making places healthier to live at and people becoming more physically active , all by words or speech . They do this to encourage people to know that living healthier and being more active is not always a boring task. Doing more physically active things can sometimes be fun too, as long as you choose one that you feel conformable with. But you can't have a healthier life style without a clean and good healthy environment and community around you, and that is what I learned in the Mo. Project!

Living healthier and creating healthier and cleaner communities for all around :D

-Sade Jones ( Sadie . J ) :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Over the course of the past few days that we have been working with the MO project, I've learned about different factors that comprise and affect health around us. For example, physical activity and food accessibility. Exercise everyday helps our health, and food distribution in our communities affect our diet, also consequently affecting our health. If grocery stores are scarce around us, then we have a less-than-healthy diet, as we have to take the easy way and shop at common liquor stores for food. So, areas with healthier stores have healthier people, whereas areas with less-healthy stores (such as liquor stores and snack shops) result in unhealthy people. (The accessibility that people have to healthy food in their areas is called food justice.) Not only this, but MO also lets us sympathize and relate with other teens who are also working with this curriculum. From videos posted on the MO website and sample blog posts, we can read and connect to views different teens in different areas of the world have. It's an opportunity for us to greatly expand our knowledge on health issues in our community.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Deeper thoughts of MO.

During the past couple of weeks every Thursday and Friday we do MO. We did many activities that involves teamwork, communication, and patience. For example, we played a little game to give us a visual idea of what really is public health. In the game, classmates played a role of life guards, EMT, nurses, and doctors. All the jobs that are needed to tend patient. The problem was that people were falling in the river, over and over again. The doctors couldn't see each patient all at once. So public health build a bridge going across the river. With the bridge people weren't falling into the river as often. This game gave me a clear idea of what public health really is. As MO went on in our class I also learned how the health in our community are gradually getting worse by the minute. Most lower income places are lacking grocery stores and all they can buy food at a decent distance is liquor stores. MO helped me learn what it is like to eat from a liquor store and the importance of having a grocery store near. As more people are getting diabetes the government isn't going to do much about it. The health of our future depends on public health youth educators. We can be the new health for our future. And with MO's help we will be able to obtain a visual yet intellectual information about how to provide better health and community to the people.

What l've learned during the MO project so far..

From this M.O project, l learned how a healthy community can affect the lives of many people. In my class, we talked about the healthy and unhealthy areas that are in our community. By doing this, we can help people to realize their problems and make a change. We wrote down the physical activities that we did and foods that we ate in a journal so we can keep on track of whether we reach the goal of a healthy person. We also did other interesting activities to help us learn more about this project and it's purpose. From now on, i am going to exercise more than usual and eat more fruits than junk foods because i know that this can make a difference to my life. Also, i would take actions such as telling others to be healthy and what they can do to become healthy. I would change the community's health problems by participating in a volunteer program or any health related activity.

My Mo Experience So farr.

My experience In MO So farr Has been very exciting & It has made learning easier for me.Mo allows us as students to get involved in health problems in a way that is educational but also fun.Mo allows us to do physical activities & To enjoy Learning about our communities & other's health.Mo made me realize as an individual that we as students need to take action on trying to make our community a safer & healthier community to live in because there is alot of unhealthy families & alot of unhealthy people suffering from Alot of health problems.I Learned thatt The goverment places more liquor stores in a zip code that is knows for suffering from poverty & that has abad reputation.Also I learned that In our neighborhoods there is way more liquor stores than groccery stores that provide Fresh produce.Because of this alot of people form our commuity are unhealthy because every store around us is a liquor store & There's nothing healthy to buy there besides a bottle of water & maybe a gronala bar.Lastly Violence is also a big thing affecting our community because if there is violence alot of students won't be focusing on school & will feel very unsafe because oif this & will Likely get Bad grades & we need to try to change that.

What I have learned during the Mo project

What I have learned during the Mo project so far was the foods that were sold in the community. For example, the food that students buy in their community everydays can affect their health, and growth. The amount of healthy foods that were available in students' neighborhood can also impact students behaviors and the amount energy that they supposed to have. Last, was the environment that the students surrened in everyday. The students who surrounded in a violent environment will mostly not do well at school, but comparing to the peaceful environment that the students were in, they will most likely do well and earn good grades.

what i learned for the mo project

I learned a lot about mo so far like health issues, around community's and how moving and being active with a group of people or Friends can make a huge impact in your community. I also learned there are many opportunities with canfit and how to help and impact other communities.

What I learn from doing The MO project

Doing the Mo project I learned about health issues, and how moving, and being active is a big impact on your health. The Mo project had taught me to come together with my peers to make a
difference in our schools and help improve and make changes in our community.

What i learn from Mo project

i learn about Mo is that health issues, helping the environment & being physical active. i learn that Mo is a media contest for youth who want to change a difference in their community. youth want healthy food and safe area to be physical. During the process i have learn that they provide good food, and have opportunities for youth.
Doing the Mo project I learned about health issues and how moving and being active can be a big impact to your health life. The Mo project has taught me to come together with my peers to make a good difference in are school and trying to improve and make changes that we need in our community. The Mo project is like A campaigning system , you talk and support about making places healthier to live at and people becoming more physically active , from some words of speech over the course of the past few days that we have been working with the MO project, I've learned about different things comprise and affect health around us the accessibility that people have to healthy food in their ares is called food justice