Team FRESH Youth

Team FRESH Youth

Sunday, January 22, 2012

what i learned this week from using mo is that our taxes are not used properly. because only 1% of the tax goes to helping farmers. i think that a more of the taxes money should go to helping farmers with their crops. because we all need a lot more healthier foods near us. and also that many people are use to eating non healthy food. and that is very sad so this what i learned from using Mo...

Jose Lopez

Saturday, January 21, 2012


Every day I am bombarded
In each direction that I turn
By those who claim that EXERCISE
Causes flab to crash and burn!

I did jumping jacks and sit ups
Went out and bought that darn machine
The one that guarantees in 30 days
I'd be trim and fit and lean...

I put it in the extra room
That we affectionately call the "gym"
With all the other paraphenalia
That will one day make me slim!

Ab mats for doing crunches
A small tramp to run in place
That awful, go-nowhere pedaling bike
That only leaves me red of face!

I have workout clothes and sweat bands
Even a "get-fit" coffee cup!
But that scale hasn't budged an inch
So, I'm on the verge of giving up!

I've just about convinced myself
That it's true what some folks say...
You have heard it too......Eat Right!
Get Fit? Die anyway!!

So for those who are devoted
To trying to make me over, PLEASE!
If God wanted me to touch my toes
He would have put them on my knees!

I believe He loves us as we are
That includes both big AND small
So when I reach the gates of Heaven
It will be with flab and all!

the merchants of cool

who could of thought that the so what"reality shows" were just another way for advertsinment . the reason for that is they want teens to like what they are trying to sell MTV is the first top channel . the producers investigate with teens our age trying to figure out what is our style so they can bring out the new COOL?
-jarency huizar


black panthers came to rescue those who were in need of food. if it wasnt for them then we wouldnt have free lunch right know. they were actually known as bad quys bt little did you knoe they were doing good things .lots of kids were in need of food and black panthers helped out by giving out free food... another thing i learned was advocators use polices to improve and make changes to our education .
-jarency huizar


this past week in school we had 2womens come into our classroom and explain to us what is farm bill. well farm bill is a piece of national legislation renewed every 5-7 years that controls how food reaches our plate. the first farm bill was signed 1933 . MOst of the farm bill money goes to nutrition and the last thing i learned is most of the real organic food are way more expensive then the food that causes damages to our bodys.
- jarency huizar :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

MO: Farm Bill

Today in MO, we had special guests from Food and Justice to give us a presentation about Farm Bill. Farm Bill is a piece of national legislation renewed every 5-7 years that controls how food reaches our plate, by determining what is grown and how much it costs, and therefore, who has access to it. And the current Farm Bill covers 15 categories, which are Commodities, Conservation, Trade, Nutrition, Credit, Rural, Development Research, Forestry Energy, Horticulture & Organic Aquaculture, Livestock, Crop Insurance, Commodity Future, and Trade & Taxes. 78% of the Farm Bill funding goes to nutrition. 15% goes to insurance and Subsidies & crops. 6% goes to conservation and others are 1%.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This last week I learned that The black panthers started the whole cafeteria lunch & breakfast movement.It started of small & it got huge & they traveled across nations to make this happen & it worked.Thanks to them we now have free lunch & breakfast at our schools & we don't have to pay for it.Also I learned that all the food in cafeteria is made out of starch so is freshly made not like cheap frozen meals.